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The Ontario Workplace Health Coalition (OWHC) acknowledges health and safety as an element in the Healthy Workplace Model for comprehensive workplace health.

Within the OWHC Healthy Workplace Model, the health and safety element means reducing work-related injury, illness and disability by identifying and controlling hazards in the physical environment and in work processes.

Webinar recording from August 24th, 2022:

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Thinking about joining WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program (HSEp)?

In this session the Ontario Workplace Health Coalition (OWHC) invites Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) to speak on the Health and Safety Excellence program (HSEp).

Businesses with 1-99 full-time employees are eligible for double the rebates from WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program (HSEp) and $1,000 towards their health and safety plan in 2022!

For more information, visit wsib.ca/healthandsafety and contact the WSIB at healthandsafetyexcellence@wsib.on.ca.

Specifically, for our OWHC audience, this session will feature a description of how businesses can satisfy the workplace health promotion topic of the HSEp in that of establishing, implementing, monitoring and maintaining a workplace health promotion program that promotes healthy and safe lifestyles both on and off the job. This is vital because health and safety is an element in the OWHC Healthy Workplace Model.

WSIB Speakers

Helen Grasso

Program Management Consultant, Program Design and Engagement, WSIB


Tyler Beauchamp

Program Management Consultant, Stakeholder Engagement, WSIB


Schedule (all times in EDT)

10:00 am – Webinar opens

10:00 am-10:05 am – OWHC introduction (Opening remarks by Monica Szabo, OWHC Board Member, and President, Szabo SOS)

10:05 am-10:45 am – WSIB presentation

10:45 am-11:00 am – Webinar closes