Join us this Summer for our 5th Reader’s Cafe on August 14th 6:00pm-7:00pm. We will be meeting at Studio.89 in Mississauga.

For this Reader’s Cafe, our creative discussion centred around how Freakonomics relates to workplace health. Examples of ideas included relating the content of Freakonomics, such as incentives, Sumo wrestlers, data analytics, word choices, real-estate, and Seinfeld, to workplace health. Doing so provides our OWHC the chance to gain a different perspective and collaborate with others for their ideas.

As workplace health advocates, we must be thinking of novel means to share data and create compelling stories that not only achieve individual change (lifestyle behaviours), but organizational change (policies, procedures, and practices) as well. Freakonomics taught us the power of using data to tell a story in common language for how everyone can relate.

A snippet audio recording of the discussion for this Reader’s Cafe lies within this YouTube link: What is noticeable regarding the content of this snippet is the topic of psychological health and safety being brought up.