October 4th 2018 – How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work

Joined live by author Jon Robison.

What a treat it was to have Jon Robison, one of the authors of our second Readers Café join us for our discussion!

Jon Robison and Rosie Ward debunk the idea of mind and body as separate in their book “How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work.” They argue that today’s wellness craze hearkens back to the old biomedical model that sprang from the Cartesian days and that today’s wellness focuses on individuals and behaviour change as salves to improve organizations and organizational culture. Robison and Ward argue that real life is more like “chaos theory” where “everything is related to everything” and real change must look beyond the person and also attend to the environment around the person. The authors share 7 points of transformation for workplaces to use as tools to thrive.

OWHC’s Terri Szymanski wrote an article about the book, see below for the neat read.

Article for How To Building A Thriving Culture at Work