April 10th 2019 – Winners Take All

We were joined by author Anand Giridharadas’ through Skype!

For this Reader’s Cafe we met on Wednesday April 10, 5:30 pm at Starbucks 5067 Dixie Road, Mississauga (at Dixie and Eglinton).

Anand Giridharadas’ varied background as a Harvard-educated management consultant in Mumbai, his time as a touring thought-leader, and his years as a journalist, writing in India as well as the United States makes his experiences and arguments in this book unique. The author first interned as a journalist at 17 and then went on to write for years at the New York Times. Giridharadas is currently editor-at-large and special correspondent at Time magazine.

The book’s powerful critique of the “win-win”, “change-by-philanthropy”, and “thought-leader solutions in sound-bytes” makes his hard-hitting work incredibly relatable to workplace health, even though he did not intend to tackle workplace health directly.

According to Ai-jen Poo, director National Domestic Workers Alliance, “The book courageously answers so many of the critical questions about how, despite much good will and many good people, we struggle to achieve progress in twenty-first-century America. If you want to be part of the solution, you should read this book.”

Read the 2-page article below by OWHC’s Terri Szymanski regarding our conversation about Winners Take All.

Article - Winners Take All