As a volunteer Board and Not-For-Profit organization, time and manpower is a commodity we’re acutely conscious of and immensely appreciative of. We don’t require volunteers to commit for a minimum amount of time; rather, we let those who offer to help indicate the terms of their time.

Whether you have oodles of times or small pockets here and there we can always find ways to include your interest. There’s always opportunity to volunteer on one of the five Standing Committees (Communications, Governance, Education & Networking, Membership, and Sustainability), craft a communication for our newsletters, or be a welcoming face at one of our registration booths. Alternatively, your skill may be IT related and can offer support when we host a webinar or maybe you love public speaking and want to offer being a guest speaker.

Whatever your preference we’d welcome hearing from you. Please contact the OWHC Secretariat at contact@owhc.ca.          

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