OWHC is dependent on the goodwill of many volunteers and partner organizations and gaining additional funds is critical for future endeavors. At this time, we are actively seeking to engage and bring together influencers, subject matter experts, and thought leaders, with a view to co-developing strategy and catalyzing common action.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any sponsorship activities.

OWHC Sponsorship Guidelines

Why Work Together as a Sponsor or Stakeholder?

  • Stronger voice in worker health: combined, we have greater influence with key policy and decision-makers
  • Broaden your organization’s network: through the Coalition’s collaborative and influential relationships with various stakeholders
  • Knowledge broker: acting as a bridge builder to further connect your organization with like-minded organizations to catalyze action
  • Recognition as a thought leader: elevate your organization’s profile and association with excellence in workplace health and wellness
  • Strategic influencer: be recognized as one of the founding players that promotes the well-being of all Ontario workers now and for generations to come!

A Shout Out to Our Current Sponsors



If you would like to inquire about sponsorship please contact the OWHC Secretariat at contact@owhc.ca.   

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