Comprehensive Workplace Health Resources

Looking for some helpful resources pertaining to organizational health? Get started by considering some of the ones captured below. Keep in mind, the information here is provided mostly by external sources. The OWHC is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of their information. Rather, these are intended for information and referral to help kickstart your search. Inclusion of any popular, provincial, or regulatory resource does not imply endorsement by the supporters of this site.

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Advancing Healthy Workplaces

Visit the topic pages to find workplace health and wellness information in Canada, with links to reliable organizational and personal health and wellness-related websites. You can conveniently access useful articles, posters, fact sheets, research reports, and more, all from Advancing Healthy Workplaces.

The topic pages compile helpful links in one place to save you time and effort searching elsewhere.

With Advancing Healthy Workplaces you can:

  • Easily navigate resources by major topics
  • Identify key workplace health and wellness information sources
  • Access a variety of sources including national, provincial and local agencies, and non-profit organizations

OSH Answers

This service covers a wide variety of workplace health topics to promote safe and healthy working environments. The Health Promotion / Wellness / Psychosocial section is particularly useful for information on workplace health programs.

OSH Links

OSH Links is an extensive resource that can be used to find primarily Canadian websites that cover a wide range of workplace health and safety topics.

Workplace Safety and Prevention Services Healthy Workplaces

Provides access to a comprehensive listing of workplace health resources

Think Mental Health

Mental Health Commission of Canada: Issue: Workplace

Includes an overview of the issues as well as a wealth of background information. There is also a focus on the Psychological Health and Safety Standard.

Workplace Solutions for Mental Health

Being equipped with the right information and tools to address mental health is key, both at the organization and individual level. This resource has tools and information to help combat stigma and empower supportive change for employers and individuals.

Public Health Units – Workplace Health Pages

Many public health units in Ontario provide healthy workplace programs and services. You can find your public health unit here

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