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Recent Blog Posts

  • Focus Group Recap – March 2022!
    Focus Group Recap – Disability Management The following recap was completed by Sarbjeet Kaur, a placement student with the OWHC. The theme of the recap is what Sarbjeet
  • The Role of Chemistry in Achieving a Sound Mind in a Sound Body
    The Role of Chemistry in Achieving a Sound Mind in a Sound Body Everyone wishes to have a happy and healthy life. The knowledge about the healthy and
  • Focus Group Session – Recap from December 1st 2021
    Welcome to this focus group session recap from December 1st 2021. This recap reflects on the lessons learned. The session was held virtually. Top 3 learnings of this
  • Put Health Into Health & Safety
    Put Health Into Health & Safety For the original publication by the GVGA, click here for the July/August 2021 issue. Is there a better time than now during
  • Healthy Workplace Highlight
    Healthy Workplace Highlight The Ontario Workplace Health Coalition (OWHC) is excited to announce the Healthy Workplace Highlight to uncover your healthy workplace stories and findings! Our goal with
  • Session Recap from March 18th 2021!
    Session Recap from March 18th 2021! “It was the evening of March 18th, 2021, when virtually over Zoom, dialogue began, and critical thinking was present. The guests shared
  • Block and Tackle Leadership
    Block and Tackle Leadership By: Terri Szymanski Good leaders are the secret sauce to a healthy, well-functioning organization. What makes a good leader though? Authors Jon Robison and