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In the OWHC Chats episodes, we sit down with agents of change to hear about their journey and impact towards workplace health.

The episodes are hosted on our YouTube channel.

Guest: Canadian Positive Psychology Association (Canadian Workplace Well-Being Award) – Jennifer Card and Wendy Parkes

In this episode of the OWHC Chats podcast series, the Canadian Positive Psychology Association highlights their Canadian Workplace Well-Being Award. In particular, speaking in this episode are the Co-Chair’s of the Canadian Workplace Well-Being Award, Jennifer Card and Wendy Parkes. The bio’s for Jennifer and Wendy are shown below.

Canadian Workplace Well-Being Award: https://lp.cppa.ca/cwwa2021/

Apply now – https://cwwa.wufoo.com/forms/qij0hl30…

Canadian Positive Psychology Association: https://www.cppa.ca/.

Guest: Jennifer Tomasone, PhD (she/her/hers)

This OWHC Chats episode features Jennifer Tomasone, PhD, Associate Professor in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen’s University. She is also co-directs Revved Up, an adapted community-based exercise program for persons with physical and intellectual disabilities in Kingston, Ontario. For this episode, Dr. Tomasone highlights the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Adults, in which she serves as the Knowledge Translation Lead. In addition, Dr. Tomasone shares tips for both employees and employers on how to bring the guidelines into the context of workplaces for workplace health, as well as sharing insight on the importance of being evidence-based and collaborating with stakeholders. Interested in learning more about the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Adults to make your whole day matter by moving more, reducing sedentary time, and sleeping well? To do so and continue your learning journey, here are two websites: https://csepguidelines.ca/, https://www.participaction.com/.

#makeyourwholedaymatter #24hourmovementguidelines

Guest: Lisa Kelly

Preceding our 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was this promotional interview with Lisa Kelly, President of the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence, and co-founder of the “COVID-19 Transitional Leader” Recovery Course.

Bio for Lisa Kelly: Lisa Kelly, President, Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence (a division of KWC Inc.), has been creating healthy changes in both the workplace and personal clients for over 20 years through: workplace wellness program training and consulting; corporate strategic planning; employee training and development; life skills, career and employment coaching; nutrition/fitness training and energy healing. Through her “Workplace Wellness Leadership Certification Series” and Executive Wellness Leadership Programs, Lisa’s mission is to create an innovative and collaborative landscape for global workplace wellness that fosters employee-driven, results-oriented wellness solutions to benefit employers, employees, and communities at large. Lisa holds both a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and a Business Degree. Some of her many professional certifications and achievements include: Certified Workplace Wellness Specialist; Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Toastmasters International “Competent Communicator” and “Competent Leader”, and recipient of WELCOA’S Top 100 Wellness Specialists, Malcolm Connell “Award of Merit”, Aimcrier Toastmasters (2013).

Guest: Emily Price

We begin the conversation with Emily surrounding best practices for workplace health. Then, the conversation shifts to information regarding Conscious Capitalism, and how the workplace health field/industry and Conscious Capitalism share overlaps, especially for the employee as a stakeholder principle. The conversation ends with Emily sharing how to learn more about Conscious Capitalism, and how to take advantage of the Conscious Capitalism resources and events. Action we must!

Emily Price (https://www.emilypricewellness.com/) bio: Emily graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences, minor in Nutrition, and a Master’s degree in Health Promotion with a Graduate Certificate in Public Health. Her professional career has led her down a path managing a University’s student wellness program and activating organizational wellbeing as a Corporate Wellness Consultant. In 2018 Emily joined Conscious Capitalism Inc., a movement that exists to elevate humanity through business. Today, her primary role for this non-profit organization is to oversee Local Engagement Programs and support business leaders in building a local expression of the global movement in cities around the world. Her passion for total wellbeing has inspired her to lead others to find peak performance through rhythm mapping and yoga instruction. In her spare time she can be found wandering in the wilderness backcountry hiking, leading group fitness workouts, enjoying coffee and cocktails, and hosting new and old friends alongside her husband in Denver, Colorado.

Guest: Ann Kowal Smith

We had the exciting opportunity to chat with Ann Kowal Smith, Founder and Executive Director of Books@Work, an organization dedicated to building communities of openness, trust and belonging by fostering genuine human connection at every level of the workplace. Books@Work does so through facilitated discussions of stories, colleagues share ideas, challenge assumptions and deepen interpersonal relationships and psychological safety.

Learn more about Books@Work: https://www.booksatwork.org/ https://www.facebook.com/readbooksatwork https://twitter.com/books_at_work

Guests: Bonnie Harrow and John Yardley

Welcome to our chat with our 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) speakers Bonnie Harrow and John Yardley. In this chat our Vice-Chair, Tracey Poulin Dun, asks these speakers what we can expect from their session and how we, as workplace health agents of change, can take things to the next level.

Guest: Deb Connors

Welcome to our chat with author of A Better Place To Work: Daily Practices That Transform Workplace Culture, Deborah Connors. Tracey Poulin Dun, OWHC Vice-Chair dives into great insight with Deborah.This book will be featured for our January 23rd 2019 Reader’s Cafe. See our social media for more information. – In addition to Deb’s book, she currently has a New Year’s Special for her next “8-Weeks To A Better Place To Work” online course. Join Deb and guest speakers online each week from the comfort of your own home or office and learn to apply practices to transform your team or organization (not to mention your own leadership!) The course follows the chapters in A Better Place To Work. It’s like a book club – fun, informative and hugely practical!

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