Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Every November we conduct our AGM, accompanied by a keynote speaker. Open to everyone, this is an excellent meeting to hear what we’ve been working on and what our sights are set on for the coming year. In addition, those who are members are authorized to vote and help influence the actions we take and put priority on.

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2020 AGM

The virtual 2020 AGM on November 26th featured Lisa Kelly, President of the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence.

Keynote Title: COVID-19 Transitional Leader: Cultivating Thriving Hybrid Work Cultures in Dynamic Times.

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The 2020 AGM incorporated Keynote Speaker, Lisa Kelly, President of the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence, and co-founder of the “COVID-19 Transitional Leader” Recovery Course. Lisa will be presenting proactive approaches to cultivating healthy, thriving work cultures in these dynamic times.

—-> In Part 1 of her presentation, Lisa will introduce key concepts and actionable strategies from each of the 4 Pillars of their course.

—-> In Part 2, participants will get to apply and discuss Pillar concepts in a breakout group activity followed by a full group debrief.

Presentation Overview

  • Introducing the “Transitional Leader”
  • Four pillars – COVID-19 Strategic Response
  • Imperatives for navigating this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) climate
  • Change management strategies to effectively transition through this pandemic and beyond
  • Fundamentals for leading in a hybrid work environment
  • Logistical considerations for safely returning employees to worksites
  • Strategies for cultivating thriving work cultures in challenging times
  • Opportunities to support employee physical and mental well-being

2019 AGM

For our 2019 AGM on November 19th, the keynote speakers included Bonnie Harrow and John Yardley.

Keynote Title: How to Achieve a Healthy Workplace for All Workers.

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Preceding our 2018 AGM was two Keynote Speakers. Hear first-hand from Bonnie Harrow, the architect of Kailo—a wellness program that improves worker well-being while strengthening the bottom line, and John Yardley, a research consultant with expertise that runs the gamut from strategic to tactical, and experience extending from Board Rooms, to the C Suite, to the front-line.

Bonnie and John will reflect upon their combined nearly 80 years’ experience in researching, measuring, leading and supporting change efforts toward the creation of healthy work environments. Hear about how aligning governance, leadership, Human Resource Management (HRM) systems and practices, working conditions and culture will optimize employee engagement and create sustainable resilient organizational wellbeing.

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