Upcoming Events

Like to be inspired? We do! Throughout the year we host events where we can learn, share and ignite momentum across other organizations, individuals, stakeholders, etc., in our quest to impact organizational health across Ontario workplaces. Our topics and speaker choices include something for everyone, including technology to help shorten the commuting gap for those who wish to dial in virtually.

Be sure to stay tuned to our website or visit us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what we have coming up.     


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Every November we conduct our AGM. Open to everyone this is an excellent meeting to hear what we’ve been working on and what our sights are set on for the coming year. In addition, those who are members are authorized to vote and help influence the actions we take and put priority on.

Joan Burton Day of Learning

Joan Burton was one of the founding members of the Coalition who was taken away far too early from cancer. A lead author of the World Health Organization’s Healthy Workplace Framework and recipient of the prestigious Canadian Workplace Wellness Pioneer Award in 2003 she was a believer in lifelong learning. Every May we honour change agents like Joan, by hosting our Joan Burton Day of Learning to bring together like-minded professionals to share what’s trending in organizational health and how we can continue to influence stakeholders and government in making measurable progress towards our goal. To see a tribute to Joan Burton please check out our video here.

Reader’s Café

Just like your traditional book club forums ours is with you, our members. Throughout the year members are selecting book choices (topic options are endless) and we sit down together in a local coffee shop and discuss. We don’t have a set reading schedule, we’ve kept the scheduling of each book rather relaxed. Below are the books read to date and what’s to come. Stay tuned to our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest details. And please, if you have a book recommendations don’t be shy to share. The Reader’s Café is for all of us to benefit from, share what speaks to you. Check out what we’ve read and what’s coming up here.

Focus Groups

An offering for OWHC members. We love to hear your thoughts, and have small group dialogue. The format is similar to a traditional focus group of providing verbal input.

Active listening encouraged, smiling mandatory, and a policy of progress (not perfection) in full effect.


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