Focus Group Recap – Disability Management

The following recap was completed by Sarbjeet Kaur, a placement student with the OWHC. The theme of the recap is what Sarbjeet learned by participating in the focus group and hearing from the three guests, who are shown in the imagery below.

The purpose of disability management programs is to create an optimized working environment for disabled individuals through a coordinated efforts, considering individual’s accommodation related needs, organization demands and legal responsibilities.

The meaning of health and safety is about to the psychological and physical health and safety of employees and can have some measures to track the wellness programs initiated for better health of employees. Disability management teams look at causes why employees are having short and long term leaves and how they can create a supportive environment to minimize disability cases.

Disability management professionals, occupational nurses, health and wellness experts have focus on prevention and understanding of risks. Mental health themes, neurological disorders and illness, can be overlooked in the disability process. Occupational therapies and cognitive support helps in early return to work. Changing mindset of individual about disability through motivational interviewing skills is crucial for recovery. Employee surveys provide information about the necessary interventions to support the trends.

Interconnections among various wellness departments, exchange of information, and working with a unified approach are the important elements to know about the depths of disability management. Partnering, understanding, and working together each other is key to get the desired outcomes.

Disability data is all about contexts, what story is conveyed by data makes sense from a statistical point of view, whom you are sharing data with, the target audience, wrapping with the recommendation, intervention, and active measures to address.

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OWHC Focus Group Session - March 2022

Focus Group Recap – March 2022!