The Role of Chemistry in Achieving a Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Everyone wishes to have a happy and healthy life. The knowledge about the healthy and nutritious diet, physical environment, consciousness about surroundings, waste management, and personal protection equipment play a vital role in making the life of a worker healthy and joyful.

The information about the appropriate amount of carbohydrates, sugar, salt, fat, proteins, energy, fibre, sodium, vitamins, and other nutrients in a diet increases the stamina of employees and physical fitness. The quantity of ingredients listed on the food label describes the right and wrong choices. Energy is required for various body functions and this energy is produced from carbohydrates, protein, and fats. The extra fat stored in the body gives birth to high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, heart attack, fatty liver, and depression.

The knowledge about air quality index and personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, safety glasses, safety suits if needed reduces the possibility of health and safety hazards. The presence of harmful gases in working areas is detected by gas detectors such as gas detectors should be near the floor for vapors heavier than air and near the roof for gases lighter than air. Good knowledge about gas detectors helps an individual to identify the leakage of gases to prevent any serious accident.

The awareness about sustainable waste management results not only in the reduction, recycling, and reuse of different types of wastes but also increase energy production and minimizing the cost of transportation of waste. The knowledge about the management of different types of wastes helps them to dispose of the chemical wastes without causing pollution of air and water. In this way, employees are inspired to protect and stay connected with nature.

The knowledge of chemistry helps an individual to understand the physical environment in which we live. Research shows that nature plays an integral role in the repairing of any physical and mental illness. Also, viewing nature reduces the levels of stress, tension, and positively influences the immune system as the view of nature minimizes the production of stress hormones. To provide best nutrients to the plants the knowledge about chemicals is very important. The feeling of being environmentally conscious helps to promote positive feelings and enthusiastic employees make more positive differences at work.

In conclusion, to improve the working efficiency of people the knowledge of chemistry can be proved very useful. In general, the work of people is influenced by the physical environment in which they work, physical injury, and physical and mental illness or disability. We all know that “a sound mind in a sound body”, and the knowledge about chemistry helps employees to maintain a sound body through a balanced nutritious diet, protecting them by making aware about physical hazards and chemical hazards at workplace, and  providing information about sustainable management of waste.

Written by Sarbjeet Kaur. Sarbjeet is as student of the Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion program at Centennial College. The OWHC is proud to offer a student placement in Winter 2022 for Sarbjeet as a component of our mentorship experience involvement.

The Role of Chemistry in Achieving a Sound Mind in a Sound Body