Welcome to this focus group session recap from December 1st 2021. This recap reflects on the lessons learned. The session was held virtually.

Top 3 learnings of this focus group session were drafted as:

  • The visual design (graphic) of the healthy workplace model itself matters. Being mindful of where the “Step 1, Step 2.…” is located within the visual design as the plan, do, check, act management approach is meant to be in order, versus the “Step 1, Step 2.…” is not for the four elements. Moving forward, how to convey visually that the model is continuous and dynamic with movement, and can be a positive feedback loop.
  • How to have the healthy workplace model be that much more effective when it is being communicated. The medium conveying the message matters (email, video, etc.). Further, when communicating, keeping in mind the notion of ‘what is in it for them’ as a target audience. The value of bite-sized snackable content was also mentioned. Lastly, for communication, the group conversed on the importance of communication during not only onboarding, but offboarding too.
  • Context around the model for an organization is an important factor. This can include how an organization makes decisions including their intentions, as a matter of values-based decisions. In addition, two factors reflected through context were made apparent in the session: an organization’s readiness for change, as well as listening and making decisions WITH your/the team.

Key phrases:

  • catching good behaviours
  • you do a great culture, you don’t achieve and stop
  • the feeling factor
  • launch and live

This focus group session was organized by OWHC Board Members Nivith Balasupramaniam and Nathan Kolar.

OWHC Focus Group Session - Fall 2021


Focus Group Session – Recap from December 1st 2021