Healthy Workplace Highlight

The Ontario Workplace Health Coalition (OWHC) is excited to announce the Healthy Workplace Highlight to uncover your healthy workplace stories and findings! Our goal with this is to recognize and celebrate organizations of regardless of industry and size, who implement initiatives that work to help cultivate a Healthy Workplace.

This means, if you are making a difference to improve organizational health, we want to hear from you to show it can be done and inspire others to do the same.

To do so, our Healthy Workplace Highlight requires the following preliminary information from you and your organization, such as organization size and relevant links. Further, we hope to connect your initiative to comprehensive workplace health, symbolized by our Comprehensive Workplace Health (CWH) Model shown below. This model has four elements: Occupational Health & Safety, Health & Lifestyle Practices, Organizational Culture, and Organizational Social Responsibility. The model is complemented by the management systems approach for an implementation process in that of plan, do, check, act.

If this is of interest to you to engage with our Healthy Workplace Highlight, please email the OWHC at We look forward to featuring you and your healthy workplace!

Lastly, below are examples of our promotional marketing assets for our Healthy Workplace Highlight.

Healthy Workplace Highlight