Upcoming virtual event December 1st, 2022 at 10:00 am EST

Registration complimentary, through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/a-culture-of-accommodation-owhc-agm-2022-tickets-438577265407

n this virtual session, the invites Wolfgang Zimmerman (Executive Director, NIDMAR) to speak on building a culture of accommodation and inclusion for disabled workers, and the Special Federal Initiative in return-to-work (RTW)/disability management (DM) for Canadian Workplaces. This session follows prior OWHC events covering themes such as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainable healthy workplace programs, with practical next steps around an effective disability management program.

Wolfgang’s keynote will share definitions of key terms in disability management, how accessibility can be on the radar for workplace health professionals, universal key success factors, disability management in context across Canada, and cover the interplay between disability management and health promotion strategies for prevention outcomes. Further in his keynote, Wolfgang’s mention of the NIDMAR Special Federal Initiative in RTW/DM for Canadian Workplaces will share the support available for Canadian residents in terms of continuing education and designations, as well as the support available for Canadian workplaces to assess their disability management program.

Enacting a healthy workplace
requires real change.

The Ontario Workplace Health Coalition serves as a unifying structure among workplace health stakeholders, advocating for a comprehensive approach to creating healthy workplaces in Ontario.

What makes Us tick…

Workplace wellness matters! We believe we can raise the bar as to how organizations commit to employee health and well-being. We’re dedicated to driving change so that all Ontario workplaces adopt a comprehensive approach to healthy workplaces, valuing employee mental, physical and psychosocial well-being.

Merry and mighty, the Ontario Workplace Health Coalition (OWHC), is a volunteer, not-for-profit, non-partisan organization; serving to unify and facilitate communication among workplace health stakeholders and propel the value of healthy safe workplaces, province wide.

What gets us out of bed each morning is our collective mission to bring together, educate and support all workplace stakeholders who are working toward creating healthy workplaces. In step with those organizational champions, our sights are on making organizational wellness make smart business sense. We believe in working together to drive change and help influence a framework that enables all employers to embrace and implement a comprehensive approach to healthy workplaces.

Vision Mission
  • Value employee mental, physical, and psychosocial health as fundamental to organizational success; and
  • Adopt and implement a comprehensive approach to healthy workplace as an integral part of their business strategy and operations
  • Bring together, educate and support all workplace stakeholders who are working towards creating mental, physical and psychosocial healthy workplaces
The OWHC has developed a Comprehensive Workplace Health Model, derived from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) healthy workplace model. The OWHC model is consistent with the recommended best practices in the voluntary National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. This model incorporates four essential elements. All are interrelated, and together are fundamental for helping Ontario workplaces align business practices that support organizational well-being.

The OWHC has established the following goals and anticipated outcomes to inform and guide healthy workplace efforts moving forward:

  1. A comprehensive workplace health approach is an integral part of organizational planning and management with ownership and accountabilities created
  2. Healthy workplaces is a priority item on the agenda of  Ontario governments
  3. The full economic and social impact of comprehensive workplace health is measured

We believe that in Ontario we can collectively do more to achieve these goals and outcomes, leading to healthier, more profitable organizations and businesses that will help support a healthier Ontario.

 At this time, we are actively seeking to engage and bring together influencers, subject matter experts, and thought leaders, with a view to co-developing strategy and catalyzing common action.


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