The Ontario Healthy Workplace Coalition (OWHC) membership is open to all stakeholders associated with workplace health in Ontario and/or others with an interest in workplace health.

The following information is important as it provides the OWHC with a better understanding of the characteristics and interests of our membership. This helps us to serve you better. To join, please complete the following form.

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4. Type of Organization - Please check what best describes your organization.

  •  OH&S Council of Ontario & Associations
  •  Labour Organizations & Associations
  •  Workplace Health Service Providers
  •  Workplace Health Academia / Research
  •  Public Health Workplace Focused
  •  Workplace Focused Non-governmental
  •  Corporation/LLP/Private <1,000
  •  Corporation/LLP/Private >1,000
  •  Professional Organizations & Associations
  •  Government Workplace
  •  Education/Training
  •  Business Organizations & Associations
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Note: If there are special financial circumstances that prevent you from joining the Coalition, please let us know (contact@owhc.ca)

5. How did you find out about OWHC?

  •  Attended an OWHC Events
  •  From an Employer or co-worker
  •  Other, please specify:
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